Mobile Marketing and Your Business

Mobile Marketing and Your Business

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Mobile Marketing and Your Business: Strategies to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

When you want to reach customers looking for your goods and services, mobile marketing has to be a significant part of your marketing strategy. With the huge percentage of the population using mobile devices for their shopping, to read emails and to correspond through texting, you need to get mobile with your marketing. To increase your customer base and provide interesting, relevant content to your customers, you must find ways to reach your customers throughout texting software applications and social media.

Make Your Content Great

In a world where customers are bombarded with messages, texts and social media posts all day long, your content has to stand out. If you don’t have a writer on staff, you should invest marketing dollars in paying for high quality content from a professional writer. While you may be able to blog about your business, there’s more to writing great blog content than sharing information. You will want your content to engage your audience, inspire them to share, and get them interested in knowing more about your business.

Share Your Content at the Right Time

You may have a great blog post about getting your home ready for winter, but if summer is about to start, this blog post is useless to your business. You have to create content that is relevant, and this means it should relate to your business in some way and make sense for the time of year it is. Knowing when to share content is essential to growing your following on social media, and you will get better at this the more you study the analytics of what works for your business.

Give Your Customers Good Deals

Once you have a text marketing software in place, you can send deals out to your customers through an opt-in messaging program. Your business will grow when you provide deals, coupons or discounts to your customers that give them real value for their money. They aren’t going to come running for a 5% discount, but customers will come to your door when you offer something of real value. For example, a restaurant owner can offer a “buy one meal, get one free, from 1-4 today”, during a slow period. This offers a big value to your customers, but expires quickly so that you aren’t spending weeks with customers cashing in on the deal.

You Can Share Too Much Information on Social Media

When you are sharing too much on social media, you will annoy your followers. Most potential customers don’t care about every little detail of your day, and some small businesses get caught up in sharing too much information. Sure, that picture of your child eating ice cream is cute, but sharing too much personal information on social media accounts while trying to build up a professional business is a bad idea. Try to keep your social media posts professional, adding a little bit of a personal touch in there every once in awhile.

Don’t Just Share, Text and Hope for the Best

With a texting software in place and great social media followings, it’s tempting to sit back and wait for these to work. Once you have created the excellent content and shared it on your various channels, it’s important to analyze the data you can gather once the posts have been shared. You will be able to see what times of day work best for sharing content, and what type of demographic you are reaching on your social media posts. Once you learn this information, you can tweak the times of day you share your content and consider writing for the demographic that is most interested in what you have to say.

What’s Next?

How do you ensure that your customer is getting the best mobile experience possible when interacting with your brand? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below. I would love to read them.


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