Facebook Polls is one of the most popular tool present on Social Media. Facebook poll, when used effectively, can leverage good results and hence is important.

Here is the most wide-ranging list of Facebook polling tools you will establish everywhere.
Facebook Business Manager
It’s necessary to management either a Facebook Page or Group to generate a Facebook Poll and with Facebook Business Manager; you get a collection of cooperative tools to control a Facebook Page. You can make an easy, one-question poll from any Page you administer. In the modernize position box of a page, there is a adding sign in “Event, Milestone ” and after clicking it, appears the Question option to type whatever poll question you want to be answered in the status box. Further, you can add your personality options too.

Facebook Audience Insights
The more you know concerning your audience, the better.

Facebook Audience Insights gives you a basis to profile your customer and understand which polls would best renovate.

The Audience Insights research and Facebook polls jointly bring everything you require to make a poll result-oriented.

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Opinion Polls by Fans Vote
This is a show up amongst the most widely used and complete poll applications on Facebook as ultimate for brands that are ready to engage with their fans. ‘Opinion Polls’ brings custom-made and modified options within its quality services. With inspiring tags and lay out, the app helps you increase organic search traffic for your polls.

SurveyMonkey makes it easy for users to collect opinions, insights, and in sequence from people on Facebook and then, basically generate a SurveyMonkey survey. Types of Polls and Surveys one can apply in Facebook:

Online Polls
Facebook Use
Fun Surveys
Event scheduling
Market investigate
purchaser approval
Mobile Surveys
Academic Surveys
Technology Surveys
Travel and Hospitality Surveys
SurveyMonkey offers you tons of survey types and ready-to-use survey templates to use on Facebook. Take a look and then generate and transport your survey today!

Polls for Pages
This app gives power-user features over the default Facebook poll and is measured widely. ‘Polls for Pages’ agree to you to add video & pictures to the group poll and also to send abroad the results to a worksheet. How to create a poll?

Begin by clicking “Start Now” on the app page
Then pick a heading for your poll
Substantiate app permissions and begin asking questions for your poll
Having the poll set up complete, save & preview it; you can bring a change in layout if needed
Once done, hit make public, and get your poll up and running

Cupli Surveys
Cupli Surveys is one of the services on Facebook that provide respondents for online polls. You get respondents from anything demographics you need and it is a significant service for those opening out. It also helps you prepare enterprise-grade analytical information.

With Polldaddy, you can make modified surveys, polls, quizzes, and ratings. With accessible options, Polldaddy proves to be a practical polling tool for your toolbox. It has three plans to decide from, with each stage adding extra description.

Main points to engage people on Facebook:
To amplify engagement on Facebook, you require creating content that is not only applicable but delicate too. Based on my own understanding with my brand and through analyzing what other brands do, I’ll share with you some methods that have helped me enlarge my Facebook page engagement and what I’ve seen worked well for others.

Timing is exceptionally important when it comes to relocation on any social networks. Imagine updating your wall post when every person is at work or when they are sleeping. It would be improved to post after work or when people are in shipment. These are the times that people are most expected to make sure for updates on their social network accounts.
Photos has to be one of my most wanted ways to erect engagement because they stand out better compared to standing updates or posted links. Pictures are obvious and summarizing and are simply edible to the mind.
Facebook Contest
Contests are a different great way to raise Facebook engagement because not only does this remuneration loyal fans, but also it creates anticipation and will get users to visit your Facebook page regularly to check if they have won.
Call to Action:
Call to actions instills psychological nudges that help marketers drive their viewers to counter the way that they want to.
One thing that most business owners or marketers tend to miss when they inform their Facebook page is not having a ‘call to action’. Your audience tends to react better when they are given particulars as to what to respond to.